What is a BLOG?

A BLOG is a shortened version of the term "Web - Log".  A "log" is something like a diary, and a "web - log" is a diary that is kept on the web. The first Blogs were very much like diaries, personal accounts of peoples' lives. However in more recent times Blogs are used for a wide diversity of activities. Blogs are used by independent journalists for publishing, they are used by companies for reporting on internal activities, web businesses use them to inform their users what they are doing, or they are used as a kind of online magazine. There are many, many other uses for Blogs.

The software behind Blogs is, unsurprisingly, known as "blogging software". Generally these software applications run on a server so contributors and readers can access the blog through a browser from anywhere in the online world. This generally means that if you cannot get internet access you cannot participate in blogging.

There are many many different blog software applications. Each of these applications has its own approach and its own community of users. Finding a blog software that is suitable for you comes down to two basic factors:

  1. finding a blog you can use - can you get access to a blog you can use?
  2. functionality - does the software work the way you like and does it have the features you like?

Finding a Blog You Can Use

You do not need to install blogging software unless you have a specific reason to do this. There are many websites that enable you to set up a blog for free. These sites support many users and they let you set up your own blog or 'account' for free. Examples include :