Newscoop 3 for Journalists and Editors

Using plugins

Plugins enable your system administrator or template designer to add functionality to your Newscoop installation without having to write a large amount of code. They can also enable you to make better use of the content and templates already in your Newscoop publication. Currently, there are three plugins installed by default with Newscoop:

  • Polls: A mechanism for your readers to vote on a question; the question can be set dynamically and can be multilingual
  • Interviews: Enables on-line interviews for your Newscoop publication; readers can see the latest questions and answers
  • Blogs: Enables staff members to create and post to their own blogs, including comments

Installing new plugins

Once new plugins are downloaded to your computer, they can be uploaded to your Newscoop server. Plugins must be uploaded to the Newscoop server in .tar archive format. In the Newscoop administration interface, click Plugins on the main navigation menu, then Manage Plugins. Click the Browse button to select the plugin from your computer, then click the Upload button. Once a plugin is correctly installed, you will be able to administer it using separate entries on the Plugins menu.

The Manage Plugins page also provides you with a list of installed plugins. There is a check box which can be used to enable or disable each plugin. The white X in a red box icon enables you to delete a plugin from your system.

Plugins require changes to your site's templates, but each plugin also includes sample templates for your designer to either copy and paste, or to use as a guide for their own template code.