Newscoop 3 for Journalists and Editors


Newscoop allows you to control reader access to your publication through its built-in subscription features. (If you want to have all your content freely accessible, your designer can bypass the subscription features in your publication's templates). Articles that you create in your publication are available to subscribers only by default. However, Administrators have the right to make a particular article accessible to non-subscribers.

Newscoop enables you to control access to your site in two ways:

  • Account name and password pairs, which are suitable for individual users
  • IP address range access, more suitable for institutional subscribers (libraries, universities, NGOs, companies)

Account name and password access

A non-subscriber who tries to access a subscriber-only article sees a message indicating that they should log in or register to see it.


The reader has the option to subscribe immediately to all articles in the same section, or the whole publication. This subscription can be paid or trial, depending on the reader's choice. 


The list of subscribers is available in the Newscoop administration interface by clicking on Users in the main navigation menu, then Subscribers.


The subscription management interface includes a search tool which enables you to list readers according to several criteria, including subscription expiry date.


The duration of paid or trial subscriptions is determined by the Default time periods set when you created the publication. (You can change these settings for your publication by clicking the Configure icon in the Publication list). During a trial period, the reader has a chance to make payment, and consequently have their subscription extended by an administrator.

The publication's administrator is automatically notified of all new subscriptions by e-mail. Subscribers also receive automatically generated e-mail reminders that their subscription is expiring two weeks before the event. The text of the subscription expiry message is created in a Newscoop template by your web developer. The default system template reads as follows:

"Dear <reader>,

This is an automatically generated e-mail message. Your <subs_type> subscription (started on <start_date>) to publication <publication> will expire on <date> (in <number> days).

Please enter the site http://<pub_site> to update subscription."

IP address access

The IP based access feature of Newscoop can be used to automatically log in subscribers that have IP (Internet Protocol) addresses in a known range. This means that groups of readers with computers in that IP range do not need account names or passwords to access your subscription-only content.

To create an IP Address subscription, go to the Subscriber management page. First, create a subscriber account by clicking on the Add new subscriber link, next to the green plus sign icon. Enter an Account name, a password, and a Full name with E-mail address and Phone number for the subscribing group or institution. You do not need to inform the readers who will be using IP address access of the existence of this Account name and Password.


Once the new subscription account has been created, click on the Add new link in the User IP access list management table on the right hand side of the page.


The form allows the input of a range of consecutive IP addresses. If necessary, more ranges can be added later. The start IP address is the lowest address in the range, while the number of addresses sets the size of the range, including any address ending in zero. For example, if a university library had the range of IP addresses to, then you would enter:

  • start IP address:
  • number of addresses: 64


It is not necessary to add anything to the Newscoop templates for IP based subscriptions to work.

It is also possible to search for subscribers based on known IP addresses. In the search box on the Subscriber management page, enter a number in at least one box in the field labeled IP address, starting on the left side. Click the Search button, and the page will display all subscribers that have known IP addresses which match that number (or numbers).

Synchronize Newscoop and Phorum users

This feature is found on the Users menu. It enables administrators to update the database of reader login accounts, so that readers can post comments in both the Newscoop publication and an associated Phorum bulletin board.