Newscoop 3 for Journalists and Editors


While Newscoop's default language is English, you are by no means limited to publishing in that language only. Click Configure on the main navigation menu, then Languages from the submenu, to see the languages currently available on the system.

The Language page enables you to configure support for languages that you wish to publish in. The Code column refers to the two-letter ISO 639-1 code name for each language. English, for example, is en, German is de, Spanish is es, Russian is ru, and so on.

Click on a name in the Language column to open a page for that language, which enables you to adjust month, day and time name translations. This feature ensures that automatically generated publication dates and times for an article in a particular language are displayed correctly to your international readers.

To add another language, click on the Add new language link, next to the green cross icon. You should enter the language name (both in your own language, and the Native name in the language itself), and its two-letter ISO code (e.g. cy for Welsh).

After entering translations in all the fields, click the Save button at the end of the page. The new language will now be shown on the Languages page.

You may wish to limit the number of languages configured on your server, in order to spare your editors and journalists from having to navigate long drop-down language menus. To remove a language, click the white cross in a red square icon at the end of each row in the list. You will be asked if you are sure about this action.