Newscoop 3 for Journalists and Editors

Installing a sample publication

Newscoop's templating engine allows you to customise your online publication with full separation of design and content. You do not need to compromise when tailoring the template to fit your design, but some Newscoop publications prefer to start with a ready-made template.

On the Sourcefabric website you can find a number of sample publications for Newscoop, providing all elements of a publication: database structure, sample content and the actual templates. These sample publications are provided in the form of Newscoop backup files.

Warning: if you already have one or more publications on your Newscoop server, uploading a sample publication will erase your entire database and files from all your publications, and replace them with sample content! Do not attempt this procedure on a production Newscoop server unless you have backed it up first! 

Using the Backup/Restore feature of Newscoop, you can install a sample publication file after downloading it from the Sourcefabric website to your local computer's desktop. Then log in to the Newscoop administration interface, and select Backup/Restore from the Actions menu.


On the Backup/Restore page, click the Upload backup file link, and click the Browse button to select the sample publication file from your local computer. Then click the Save button to upload the file. After upload, click the Restore icon for the sample publication, on the right side of the list of the available backup files. This orange and white icon looks like a life preserver, of the kind you might find on a boat.

The restore process starts with an empty pop-up window, connecting to the server. Do not close this window, otherwise the restore process will be interrupted. The process takes some time (it can be minutes, depending on the size of the publication and the speed of the server). After the restore process has finished, there is only one user in the system, the Administrator, with the login and password both set to: admin

To finish the process, log in as admin. Then go to Content > Publications and select "Configure" in the new publication. Now add the URL of your publication as a site alias.

The sample template should now be visible at the URL of your publication.