Newscoop 3 for Journalists and Editors

Getting started

Newscoop enables you to host multiple, multi-lingual publications on the same web server. The process of setting up a new on-line publication with Newscoop can be divided into three steps:

  1. Configuring the publication, and specifying the templates to be used
  2. Establishing the structure of your publication, with issues and sections
  3. Adding content, managing content, and publishing it

This part of the Newscoop manual is aimed at editors and journalists working their way through these three steps. It assumes that the web server you will use is already up and running with Newscoop, and that templates have been designed for your publication. If you chose to install the sample templates when following the Installation Steps chapter, you can use these templates to learn about Newscoop in advance of having your own templates designed. 

If you are a system administrator setting up a Newscoop server for production use, you should also read the administration chapters, later in this manual, before you begin work on the server. 

If you do not yet have your own Newscoop server running, you can follow the steps in this manual using the Newscoop demonstration server and sample templates provided by Sourcefabric.

Logging in

The first step begins with logging in to the administration interface of your Newscoop server. This is a special interface which is only available to the staff of your publication. Readers who subscribe to your online publication will log in using the home page of your website instead.

By default, the URL you should enter into your web browser for the administration interface is the name of your website, followed by 'admin'. For example:

If you installed Newscoop yourself, you would have set a password for the 'admin' user during the installation steps. If not, your system administrator should already have provided you with a login account name and password. Below the Account name and Password fields, click the drop-down menu to select an interface language other than the default of English, if you wish. Then click the Login button.

Alternatively, the administration interface of the Newscoop demonstration server can be found at:

Please remember that the demonstration server is a public site, so don't enter any private information there. A variety of guest login accounts are set up on this system, and the passwords for these accounts are shown on the login page.