Newscoop 3 Cookbook


In this Cookbook we often refer to the Newscoop template pack called "The Journal". If you are interested in sniffing out some other sneaky tricks in this (or other) template packs, you can go to the Sourcefabric website and download template packs from


Before you begin a Newscoop implementation, getting these things together really should be your first steps.

  • Working Newscoop installation
  • Text editor, preferably one with PHP markup
  • Image editor for preparing designs and images (GIMP, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Site specification (see the next chapter, Turning your idea into a publication)

The steps to successfully install Newscoop can be found in the "Newscoop for Journalists and Editors" manual at

While Newscoop includes a template editor which works perfectly well, you'll probably prefer to work locally on your computer. Good text editors include Gedit on Ubuntu, Kate on Kubuntu, Notepad++ or even Dreamweaver on Windows, and of course command line editors like Emacs, vi, pico and nano.