Newscoop 3 Cookbook

About this book

Updated to Newscoop 3.5.2

The Newscoop 3 Cookbook is a work in progress and open to your input. Dedicated to Open Source software development, Sourcefabric believes that the software and its documentation are open to the community. The more contributors add to the products, the more errors get caught and fixed, the more features are implemented. We also believe that software improves from good documentation, and documentation improves with the wide use of software.

If you experience the Newscoop 3 Cookbook in its printed form, it might be difficult to see how this book is open to your contribution. If you have come across the Newscoop 3 Cookbook online at FLOSS Manuals, you might get a better idea about how you can participate in improving this documentation. Register, log in and add your knowledge, use cases, your code snippets, comments and best practices to make this a better publication. Working with the online book production platform Booki, the content of this book is continuously evolving. Chances are, the latest PDF, ePub or the online version on the site contains more details than the printed copy.

"All work and no play..." - the Newscoop Cookbook team at work.

Sourcefabric started this publication with a one-week Book Sprint in Schloss Neuhausen, Germany, two hours north of Berlin. Authors for the Newscoop 3 Cookbook include (in reverse alphabetical order): Holman Romero, Ljuba Ranković, Lucian Marin, Micz Flor, Alexei Danilchuk and Douglas Arellanes. Our facilitator, chef, sprintmaster, captain and all-around make-it-happen person was Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals. Thanks also go to Katerina Michailidis for her logistical support and to Daniel James for copy and style editing.

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