Installing Icecast on Windows

Software name : Icecast
Homepage :
Software version used for this installation : 2.3.1
Operating System use for this installation :Windows 2000
Recommended Hardware : 300 Mhz

Its not too tricky to install Icecast on Windows. You can install it on your own computer and have your very own streaming server to experiment with, or you can install Icecast on a Windows Server.

Download the installer

The first thing to do is to visit the Icecast website and download the installer. So, point your browser at and you will find the installer right on the front page:


If you click on the Windows Setup link the installer will start downloading. Download it to your Desktop or somewhere else you will be able to find it. Once the download is complete then you will see the installer file on your desktop, or in the folder you chose to save it to. It should look something like this :


Now double click on the icon :


Press Next > and continue on to the license screen :


If you like you can read the license, or else just go right ahead and click on 'I accept the agreement' and press  Next > :


Ok, now we can save the program anywhere we like, you can change this by hitting the 'Browse' button and choosing another directory to save Icecast. For now we will stick with the defaults and press Next > :


We can decide what the name of the software should be called in the Windows 'Start Menu' for quickly accessing Icecast. We will leave this setting at its default :


In the above window you are simply deciding if you want an icon to appear on the Desktop so you can quickly start Icecast this way. We will leave it at its default setting and click Next > :


The above window is just a summary of your decisions made on the previous screens. Just check it and if all is ok then press Install :


The progress bar will whiz across the screen and when the installation is completed you will see this :


For the Windows installer this information is not so important, click on Next > :


This is pretty much the only real decision you have to make. A Windows Service means that you wish to install Icecast to run 'in the background'. This is known as a 'daemon' or as a 'service'. A server, like a streaming server, is usually a computer running streaming software (like Icecast) as services. If you have a server and this is your aim then leave the default checked, otherwise (if for example you want to experiment with Icecast on your Desktop or Laptop computer)  unclick this option and press Finish 

Running Icecast

To start Icecast you can double click the handy icon on your Desktop :


and you should see something like this :