Paths and Logfiles

Sometimes I find that Icecast throws an error when it tries to create the log files. The error looks like this:
FATAL: could not open error logging
FATAL: could not open access logging
FATAL: Could not start logging

In this case I open my favourite text editor and start looking at the 'icecast..xml' file. I find these lines:

So I change these values to point to my home directory like so:

You would of course use the name of your own directory. Also change the values in the following part of the configuration file to read as follows:
        <loglevel>4</loglevel> <!-- 4 Debug, 3 Info, 2 Warn, 1 Error -->


And finally, in your home directory type the following:

touch access.log error.log

The touch command simply creates some blank files that icecast2 can then write to. Now I find that Icecast works fine. If you get a text editor and alter this password etc while Icecast2 is already running then you will need to stop Icecast2 (press ctrl and c simultaneously to do this) and then restart Icecast2 with the original command you used.