This release represents another step forward in documenting the innovations of Csound6. There may still be some references relating to Csound5 but we hope that, on the whole, the transition has been completed . Thanks goes to Menno Knevel for his work in this area. 

What's new in this Release

  • The chapter about Random has been moved as 01D to the BASICS section and has been significantly amended by Joachim Heintz and Iain McCurdy.
  • In Chapter 05B Panning and Spatialization, Martin Neukom has been added a new section of new text with examples about Ambisonics. The included UDOs add new functionality, such as options for non-standard speaker configurations, when working with Ambisonics in Csound.
  • There is a new chapter, 05K Analysis Transformation Synthesis (ATS), by Oscar Pablo di Liscia.
  • Chapter 08B Csound and Arduino has been extended by Iain McCurdy.
  • In section 10 (Csound Frontends) Rory Walsh has revised the chapter about Cabbage.
  • In the same section, Stefani Bonetti and Menno Knevel have updated the chapter about WinXound.
  • Iain McCurdy and Ed Costello have written a new chapter in section 10 about Web Based Csound.
  • Victor Lazzarini has written an in-depth description about Developing Plugin Opcodes for Csound 6 for section 13 Extending Csound
  • Menno Knevel has added sections about Cmask, nGen, AthenaCL and Common Music for the appendix chapter about Methods of Writing Csound Scores.
  • Iain McCurdy has revised and amended many existing chapters.

Thank you to all the authors for their valuable contributions. We are proud to have so many contributors to this book.

The examples in this book are included in CsoundQt (Examples > FLOSS Manual Examples). Even the examples which require external files should work now out of the box.

If you would like to refer to previous releases, you can find them at http://files.csound-tutorial.net/floss_manual. Also here are all the current csd files and audio samples.

   Hannover, 27 march 2014
   Joachim Heintz and Iain McCurdy