CiviMail has a number of tools for reporting and analysis, indeed reporting is one of the key reasons to use CiviMail.

Individual mail reports 

You can view a report for each individual mailing from the scheduled and sent mailings screen.  These reports are based on live information about your data you should feel free to track your emails in real time on this screen by refreshing the page.  Each mailing report is broken down into a few sections.

Delivery summary


The delivery summary shows some high level statistics about the mailing.

Intended recipients shows the number of people that the mailing was  intended to be sent to.  Clicking on Intended recipients will show each of the contacts.

Tracked opens shows the number of people that CiviCRM 'thinks' have opened the email.  In the world of email, there is no 100% reliable way of knowing when someone has opened an email.  CiviCRM uses a trick that is common amongst mass mailers - it embeds a small image with a unique name in each email. When a client views the email and downloads the image, CiviCRM knows that they have read the email. Because this technique is common, to protect people's privacy, most email clients ask users to confirm whether they want to download images in emails.  Hence you'll only get an accurate picture of how many people have opened your email if they all choose to download pictures.  Because this never happens in practice, tracked opens statistics should be taken as indicative, rather than accurate.

Click throughs shows the total number of times that people have clicked links in email. Forwards show the amount of times people have forwarded the email using the forward link which is a token that you can include in your mailing.  Replies shows the number of times that people have replied to the email if you have enabled reply tracking.  Bounces show the number of email addresses that could not be successfully delivered to if you have enabled bounce processing.  Unsubscribe requests shows the amount of people that have clicked on any unsubscribe links that you include in your email.

Click through summary 

In this section, click through statistics are shown for each link.  There are two statistics, Clicks (i.e. the number of times that a link has been clicked) and Unique clicks (i.e. the number of people that have clicked on links).

Mailing reports with CiviReport

CiviReport has four reports, Bounce, Summary, Clickthroughs and Opens, which offer similar functionality to what is described above.  The major advantages of looking at the reports via CiviReport are that:

  • you can run the reports amongst multiple mailings
  • you have access to all the other cool features of CiviReport, including the ability to add reports to dashboards, get reports emailed, etc.
Read the CiviReport section for more information on CiviReport.