Booki User Guide

What is Booki?

With Booki you can create books. Real paper books that look good and you can hold in your hands. You can also use Booki to produce books in the form of epub (electronic books), PDF, OpenOffice files, web pages and more...

Booki is designed to help you produce books, either by yourself or with others. Booki is also a social environment where you can also discuss your views about producing books, seek assistance from others, look for projects to contribute to, seek others to help you, translate content and publish completed works.

Booki supports the rapid development of content. You can use Booki to develop content in intensive 'Book Sprints'. Book Sprints are intensive collaborative events where 6-10 people focus on writing a book in 3-5 days. These collaborators might be in the same room or located around the net, in either case they work together simultaneously to produce a book rapidly.

While you can use Booki to support very traditional book authoring processes, Booki was also developed to facilitate the accelerated production models enabled by Book Sprints. Hence the feature set matches the rapid pace of publishing possible in the modern era of print on demand. Using Booki, a book can be created in 2-5 days and then print ready source (book formatted PDF) can be generated in another 2-5 minutes, and then uploaded to your favourite print-on-demand service.

Whether you are collaborating, writing in solo, rapidly developing books, or taking your time - when you have worked with Booki you will never think of publishing the same way again.

Booki is developed by FLOSS Manuals and is Free Software licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL 2+). This means that it can be freely downloaded, re-used and customised.