Airtime for Broadcasters

The airtime-user command

Airtime includes a command-line tool airtime-user which can be used to add, update or remove user accounts. You can see the options for the command by typing it in the server console without any arguments:

$ airtime-user

    This program allows you to manage Airtime users.

    --addupdate <username>
        Add the user or update user information.
    --delete <username>
        Remove the user.

For example, to create an account for a DJ known as Disco Dave, you could enter the following:

$ airtime-user --addupdate dave
Creating user
Enter password (min 6 characters): saturdaynightfever1977
Enter first name: Disco
Enter last name: Dave
Enter user type [(A)dmin|(P)rogram Manager|(D)J|(G)uest]: D

Existing user accounts can be updated using the same command.