Airtime for Broadcasters


On the Configure menu, click Preferences to set your Station Name and the Default Fade time that you would like to set for automated fades. The Stream Label option allows you to set the metadata that will be sent with direct Icecast streams; Artist and Title, Show, Artist and Title, or Station name and Show name.

You can also enable live, read-only access to the Airtime schedule calendar for your station's public website with the Allow Remote Websites to Access Schedule Info? option, if you wish. (There is more about this feature in the Advanced Configuration section of this book). Then click the Submit button.

SoundCloud settings

If your station has a SoundCloud account (on, you may want to upload live show recordings to this service automatically. Click the small black triangle next to SoundCloud Settings to show this option. Apart from checking the Upload Recorded Shows To SoundCloud box, you will need to enter your SoundCloud login email address and password, and the metadata that SoundCloud will use to categorize your show recordings. You can also set a default genre, track type and copyright license here, including public domain, all rights reserved, or one of the Creative Commons licenses (see

Please note that like most online distribution services, SoundCloud terms of service require you to have copyright in, or permission for Internet distribution from the copyright holder of, any media that you upload.