Airtime for Broadcasters

Now playing

This page provides two views of the files your station is playing, which can be switched using the Day View and Now View buttons in the top right corner of the administration interface. If you've only just installed Airtime, there won't be any files shown in either view yet.

The default is Now View, in which files that have already been played are removed from the top of the list automatically. Show titles have a blue background, while individual files have a light gray background. The row for the currently playing file is displayed with an orange background. Any underbooked shows (shows with insufficient content to fill the time allowed) are displayed with a row indicating the length of the gap in seconds. These Gap until show end rows have a red background.

On the right hand side of the Now View, the Playlist and Show that each file is a part of is displayed. (Creating playlists and shows is covered in later chapters of this book). If a show is overbooked, which means the total playout length is longer than the time allowed for the show, a red and white warning icon is shown in the Status column. This warning icon indicates that the file in this row will be cut off when the show ends.

A live show that is set for recording is displayed with a dark gray background, to indicate that it does not contain any playlists.

The Day View is similar to the Now View, except that files which have already played out are displayed at the top of the window. You can select which day of the schedule you wish to view by clicking on the date box, just to the left of the Day View button, and selecting a day from the pop-up calendar.