Airtime for Broadcasters


The Calendar page of the Airtime administration interface has three views: Day, Week and Month, which can be switched using the gray buttons in the top right corner. By default, the Month view is shown, with today's date highlighted by a pale green background.

In the top left corner of the page, you can go back or forward through the Calendar by clicking on the buttons which have a small gray triangle in a white circle. Click the Today button to jump to today's date in the current view. In the Day or Week views, there is also a drop-down menu which allows you to set the resolution displayed for the calendar, ranging from one minute per row to sixty minutes per row.

Adding a show

Only Admins and Program Managers can use this feature. To add a new show to the Calendar, click the + Show button in the top left corner of the page, or click on any empty row in the Calendar itself. Either of these actions opens the Add this show box, which has five sections, arranged vertically: What, When, Record & Rebroadcast, Who, and Style. Click the small black triangle to the left of the section name if you wish to minimize or maximize it.

In the What box, enter the name, public website URL, genre and description for the show that you are creating.

Next, in the When section, if you clicked on a date in the Calendar this should already be entered in the Date/Time Start field. To set another date for the show, click on the date in the Date/Time Start field and select the alternative date that you require for the show from the small pop-up calendar which will appear. Click on the adjacent time field to set the start time for the show, with the pop-up Hour and Minute box. The minute values in the pop-up time boxes are rounded to the nearest five minutes, but you can adjust the times manually by clicking into the fields and typing. Repeat the process to set the Date/Time End fields. The Duration of the show will be displayed automatically, based on the start and end times you have set.

To schedule a regular show, check the Repeats? box and select either Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly from the Repeat Type drop-down menu that will appear. Then check the boxes for the days of the week that you want to schedule the regular show on. Set the Date End for the regular show to finish, or check the No End box to schedule the show indefinitely.

In the Record & Rebroadcast section, the Record? box enables automatic recording of the soundcard line input, if your Airtime server has one, at the time of the show. Shows set for live recording cannot also contain playlists. The default audio format for live recordings is MP3, and the recording files are saved in the storage directory that was set when Airtime was installed.

If you wish the recording to be played out at a later time, check the Rebroadcast? box, and then select up to ten date and time slots in the Repeat Days box.

Shows set for recording have a small red dot icon in the calendar, while rebroadcast shows have a white loop icon.

In the Who section, type the first few letters of the name of the show's DJ (presenter) in the Search Users field to select a name from the database, or check one of the DJs boxes in the vertical list below. This association of a DJ name with a particular show enables that DJ to add playout media to the show, so it is important to get the DJ's name right.

Finally, select a Background Colour and Text Colour from the Style section, so that the new show can be easily identified in the Calendar. Click the colored circle icon in the lower right corner to close this pop-up window.


Click the Add this show button at the top or bottom of the box. The new show will now be displayed in the Calendar, with a regular slot if you have chosen to schedule one. 

Editing a show

Show configuration and metadata can be changed at any time until broadcast of that show commences. Click on the show in the Calendar, and select Edit Show from the pop-up context menu. This opens the Update Show box, which is almost exactly the same as the Add this Show box. Click the Update Show button at the top or bottom of the box when you are done.

Alternatively, individual shows can be clicked on and dragged to new days and times in the calendar. However, Airtime will not allow you to drag a future show into the past, or drag a show onto a day where this would cause show times to overlap.  

In the Day and Week views, show length can be adjusted by clicking on the lower edge of the show box, and dragging the edge of the box upwards or downwards. The new show length is calculated automatically. Airtime will not allow you to drag a show end time beyond the start of the next show. 

Adding content to a show

To add content to a show, click on it in the Calendar, and select Add/Remove Content from the pop-up context menu.

This action opens the Schedule Media pop-up window. Just like when using the Playlist Builder to find files, you can search for playlists and drag them into the Items In This Show box.

The orange progress bar underneath the Items in this Show box updates automatically to show how much time remains from the allocated show duration. If you add too much media relative to the length of time allocated to the show, Airtime will display a warning, and playout will be cut when the show ends. Click the small white triangle on the left of each row to see details of the playlist, or click the white x icon on the right side to remove it from the show.


When your show has all the required content, click the OK button in the bottom right corner to close the window. You should make sure that you click OK before the show's scheduled start time. Back in the Calendar, click on the show and select Show content from the pop-up context menu to view a list of content now included in the show.


Click on any row in the Show Contents window to download the individual file for audition, or further editing. Once you're done, click the OK button in the bottom right corner, or the white x icon in the top right corner, to close the window.

Removing content from a show

To remove an individual playlist from a show, click on the show in the Calendar, and select Add/Remove Content from the pop-up menu. In the Schedule Media window which opens, use the white x icon to remove the playlist from the show content. To remove all playlists from a show, click on the show in the Calendar, and select Remove All Content from the pop-up menu.


Deleting a forthcoming show

To delete one instance of a forthcoming show, click on the show in the Calendar, and select Delete This Instance from the pop-up menu. If you wish to delete all future instances of this particular show, select Delete This Instance and All Following from the pop-up menu.

You cannot delete or remove content from shows that have already played out. These shows have only one option on the pop-up menu, which is Show Content.

Canceling playout and recording

If you wish to cancel the recording of a live show and delete the recorded file from the storage server, click on the show in the Calendar and select Cancel Current Show from the pop-up menu. In the same way, it is also possible to immediately cancel playout of a playlist based or pre-recorded show while it is running.

Airtime will ask you if you are sure about this action, as it cannot be undone.