Airtime 2 for Broadcasters

Stream settings

On the System menu, you can configure direct Icecast and SHOUTcast streams as well as soundcard output by going to the Stream Settings page.

At the top of the Stream Settings page is a checkbox for global options including Hardware Audio Output, which enables playout from the default sound card on the server, if one is fitted. The default Output Type of ALSA on the drop-down menu will be suitable for most servers with a soundcard. If not, you have the option to choose from other Liquidsoap interfaces available, such as OSS or PortAudio. If you are only using the hardware audio output, and will not be streaming directly to Icecast or SHOUTcast, you can click the Save button at this point.

The second checkbox enables the sending of Icecast Vorbis Metadata with direct streams. This setting is optional because some media players have a bug which makes them disconnect from Ogg Vorbis streams when an Icecast server notifies the player that a new track is starting.

The Stream Label radio button allows you to set the metadata that will be sent with direct streams; Artist and Title, Show, Artist and Title, or Station name and Show name.


You can configure up to three independent streams with different bit rates, and send these streams to different Icecast or SHOUTcast servers. By default, only Stream 1 is enabled, with this stream being sent to Icecast on the same server at the localhost IP address of To enable the other streams, click on the stream name to expand its box, click on the Enabled checkbox, and enter at least the Server IP address or domain name and Port details.

Click Additional Options to expand a box in which you can enter the Username, Password and metadata for the streaming server. You can also set the specific Mount Point that listeners will connect to here. Then click the Save button at the bottom right corner to update the Airtime server's settings.


When selecting a SHOUTcast server from the Service Type drop-down menu, you are restricted to using MP3 format only, so the choice of Ogg Vorbis format is grayed out in the Stream Type drop-down menu.


Any connection problems between Liquidsoap and Icecast or SHOUTcast are shown on this page. For example, if you enter the wrong Password, you will see an error message. To fix this, enter the correct password in the Additional Options box, and click the Save button.