Booki User Guide

Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting - believe it or not, there are people out there that love bug reporting. If you are one of those people - we need you! 

How to Report a Bug

We use the a software called 'Trac' for reporting and managing bug reports. To contribute you must first create an account. You create an account on the Booki Bug Tracking (Trac) site at the following URL:

Once you have done that you will need to open a new 'ticket'. In this instance a 'ticket' is just another word for 'bug report'. You can click on the 'New Ticket' link located at the top right of any page in Trac. If you don't see this link then you are probably not logged in.

You will see a form with several fields :


Here are some tips on what to put in each field:

Summary - give a brief summary of the bug in no more than a dozen words. Keep it brief and descriptive. This in itself is an art!

Reporter - this should automatically display your name and you should not alter this information.

Description - describe the bug in much detail as possible. Be as specific as possible and provide information so that the developers can recreate the same error if possible. Don't worry about supplying too much information - put in here as much as you like. Additionally, if the bug has displayed an error message, copy and paste the entire message at the end of the description.

Type - leave this as 'defect' (bug).

Milestone - leave this as 'Bugs'.

Keywords - add a few keywords to help people find all bugs related to a specific topic using the search system in Trac. You could use keywords like 'registration' if the bug was found during the registration process, 'editing' if the bug while discovered while editing a book etc. You can provide many keywords but make sure they are all separated by a comma

Assign to - leave this blank (used by the developers)

Priority - you can set this as you like, probably someone will come by later (the 'bug manager') and set the priority level again.

Component - probably you will want to leave this set as 'Booki'. Only if you are testing Objavi (the publishing engine) will you need to set this as Objavi.

Cc - leave this as it is displayed. If you wish to be informed of any changes to this bug report then add your Trac username and the end of this list preceded by a blank space.

Once all is filled out press 'Create ticket' pat yourself on the back and find more bugs to report!