Booki User Guide

How We Work

We are happy to extend our core team in time to include others that are enthusiastic about the project and can commit the time and energy. Currently we are a small team consisting of just the following members :

Adam Hyde - Project Manager
Aleksandar Eraković - Progammer (Booki)
Douglas Bagnall - Programmer (Espri, Objavi)

There are several others involved such as Jan Gerber and Andy Cat. We also work closely with the team on several issues including epub import and export of content directly to the servers.

The development of the FLOSS Manuals platform was really a process of experiencing first hand what is needed to develop Free Software manuals through two processes :

1. Community and individual writing of documentation
2. Book Sprints

With FLOSS Manuals the team would work with the community and Book Sprint teams creating documentation and then discuss what works and doesn't work and extend the platform accordingly. Sometimes this was done with the assistance of project funding, and sometimes without. In all cases we preferred (and still do) utility over complicated design. KISS.

We have now ceased work on the FLOSS Manuals platform to develop Booki and I think its fair to say that while the FM platform is fully functional and productive, we see it not as a 'finished' work but as a prototype and our primary feature-set design document for the current Booki development.

This short pre-history also explains our preferred development methodology. Although we do have milestones and we have a pretty clear idea of what we want to build, much of the detail and new ideas are worked out in discussion in IRC. If you wish to contribute to the code base then the process of getting involved is more about engaging with the resources listed below and asking questions than it is about reading our (non-existing) design documentation.

If you wish to help fix existing features please look at the Trac tickets.

You can also read the section 'How You Can Help' if you wish to tackle implementing new features.

The following are the main channels for communication and for getting the code.


IRC : #fm-tech
Email :


Here you will find the repositories for Booki, Objavi and Espri


Primary Install

FLOSS Manuals