Booki User Guide

My Settings

Once you have created and account you can edit a number of settings to customise your appearance on Booki and to help communication with the members of any groups you may be a part of.

My Settings Page

To view your settings click My Settings on the menu. When you first enter this page you will see a generic image in the top left corner along with your email and full name you entered when creating your account.

On the right hand side of the panel you can edit your email and full name if either of those were typed in incorrectly or if they change in the future.

Below your full name is a text box where you can type in a blurb about yourself, and at the bottom of the page you can browse your computer for an image to upload for Booki for use in your profile.

Once you have made the changes you want to your settings click Save user profile to save your changes.

My Profile Page

The last user setting you can change is found on the My Profile page accessed from the Menu. Once the page has been loaded you will see in the top right hand corner of the page a text box asking What's on your mind ? You can click in this box and add any comment about how you are feeling and what you are thinking about, then click on Share to save the comment. This now appears under your full name on your My Profile page. And it also appears under your Icon in the Currently editing list when you are editing a chapter in a book.