Booki User Guide

Export Options

On the Editing page for you book, you have a series of tabs at the top of the page, the Export Tab is on the far right.

The Export Tab

The simplicity of the Export tab when first opened disguises it's power and flexibility. Since there are so many options and customisations available for exporting your book, we wont look at everything in one go. Today I will explore what is available through the basic export options and will follow up with later tutorials that cover the different tools available under the advanced export options.

Notes on Exporting

When exporting a book, only the chapters inside the Table of Contents (ToC) are exported, chapters that are listed under Hold will be skipped during an export operation. This means you can easily export a book with a selection of complete chapters while keep ingthe 'unfinished' chapters in the Hold section.

Using Basic Export only produces documents in one page size - called COMICBOOK it measures 168mm x 260mm

Basic Export Options

Book Title : By default when you enter the Export tab the title used when your book was created is entered as the book title. However you can change this when you export your book. When you change the title it effects the text on the 'inside cover' of a print books and he cover of an ebook. The title can be anything you want such as "Booki User Guide: Your map for unlocking the secrets to Booki". This title would be cumbersome to use as your working/editing title in Booki, however it is easily added at publishing time.

Document type : This is the all important section where you choose the resulting file type and layout of your exported document. There are five types of outputs to choose from: Book formatted PDF, Newspaper formatted PDF, Web formatted PDF, Epub and Openoffice (currently disabled). The Web formatted PDF and Epub outputs are for electronic reading. While the other formats are designed for final use in print via different mediums.

Document Type Dropdown list

Book formatted PDF - this has been optimised for use with print on demand services such as but can also be used for other forms of bound printing.

Newspaper formatted PDF - this is highly experimental and not yet fully functional. It is designed for multi-column, black and white printing on news print, an excellent low-cost option for printing your book.

OpenOffice - While currently disabled we hope to get this back online soon. If you are a developer and wish to work on this please let us know.'s Open Document Format (.odf), some uses may require your book to be in a document format such as .doc or .docx (for example, the de facto industry standard for a screenplays is Word's .doc format). is able to convert .odf to .doc or .docx.

Web formatted PDF - The popular pdf format tailored to reading electronically on the computer screen, includes the ability to use your book's index to link to it's different chapters.

ePub - an open standard electronic book format that can be read by a wide range of tools including both ebook software applications and standalone ebook readers (iPad, Android, Kindle etc).

License : The license of your book governs how it can be reused. Licensing is a big topic and trying to figure out which license to use is beyond the scope of this tutorial. Once place to start is the licensing chapter of the Booki User Guide ( which gives a brief overview. For more detailed info for the Creative Commons and GPL licenses on offer you can visit: and respectively.

send to : This option sends a copy of your book to, this can be especially useful for people who have imported a book from to proof read in Booki as it takes care of sending the proofed version back to Archive is also a good permanent archive of your material.

I you are working on an original you may still like to send a copy of your finished book to It is a great place to store a copy of your work. Also many of the books in have expired copyrights which means they are quite old, so providing a contemporary book on a particular subject could be beneficial.

Publish this book :Once you have made you choices with the above options, click the Publish this book button. Objavi (The publishing engine for Booki) takes your book and exports it using your settings. When it's finished, it creates a link to your exported document at the bottom of the Export tab. You can use this link to download your book. Beware : the progress bar is currently a little fake! We will fix this in the weeks to come.

Link to exported Book