Booki User Guide

Adding a Book to a Group

Once you have created or imported a book into Booki, it will sit in the Books list on your user page. As a member of a group often you will want the book that has been created to sit in the Group's list of books as well.

NOTE - A Book can only belong to one group at a time.

To add a book you have created or imported to a group:

  1. On your Profile page, click on the link to the Group you want to add your book to in the Groups list. You can also use the Groups link or My Groups link on the Booki home page to access a Groups list containing the link to the Group you want to add your book to.
  2. Once the Group page has loaded you will see a drop-down list containing the titles of books that you have either imported or created.
  3. Click on the list and select the book you want to add to the Group
  4. Now click ADD THIS BOOK TO GROUP. Your book now appears under the Books list on the Group page.

Removing a Book from a Group

At some point you may want to remove a book from a group. On the group's page under the Books list you will see a remove link next to your book. Click on the link and your book will disappear from the list.