Booki User Guide

Joining a Group

After joining Booki you may want to jump right in and create a book that will be listed under your name.  However, Booki has the ability to organise groups together to create books that share a common theme or interest.

To Join a Group

  1. Click on Groups in the menu.
  2. Find the group you want to join in the Groups-list and click on it.
  3. On the Group page click on the JOIN THIS GROUP button at the bottom of the main panel.
  4. You are added to the group and will see your name appear under the Members list. 
A group also has the ability to format a Hyperlink for Creating an account so when someone uses the link to register with Booki it also automatically adds them to a group.  For Example if FLOSS Manuals adds the following link to the registration page on it's website:, it will redirect the new member to Booki's Create Account page. At the bottom of the registration form a note is displayed informing the new member that they will also be added to the FLOSS Manuals group when they click on Create Account.

Removing yourself from a Group

At some point you may want to remove yourself from a group. 

  1. Go to the Booki home page and click on the link to the Group that you want to be removed from. You can also find the Group from your Profile Page, it will be included in the Group list.
  2. On the Group page click on REMOVE ME FROM THIS GROUP. You will be removed from the group and your name will disappear from its Members list.