Booki User Guide

Creating a Group

Sometimes the group you want to join isn't there yet, so this is your opportunity to blaze a trail and start up a group of your very own.

  1. Click on My Groups in the menu. Once the page loads you will see the bottom section of the page is labelled Create new group.

  2. In the Group name textbox type in a name for your group and then type in a brief description in the What is this group about box below. Be sure that you have everything entered as you want it as currently Booki doesn't let you change your settings once the group has been created.
  3. Finally click on the Create new group button at the bottom of the page. Your new group will be added to the list on your My Groups page and you can click on it to take you to the group page.

Use Case

You are a primary school teacher and for a class project you want your students to work together creating a book that outlines the results of their research. Your hope is that the finished document will able to be used as a learning resource for future classes. To ensure that only your class are the editors you decide to create a group that the class will use for their project. You log in to Booki and click My Groups in the menu. You enter "Room 4 Class Projects" into the Group name text box and then type "Students from room 4 at Sildale Primary School use this group to create Books based on class projects." into the What this group is about text area. After clicking Create new group you see the group is now added to your groups list. You finally click on the group name "Room 4 Class Projects" which takes you to the group page.