Booki User Guide

Adding Images

When you want to add images start editing the chapter you want to add images to, get your cursor in the right place and click the import images button.

Now this is where the changes have been made, when the insert image window opens, you will see two tabs, Images and Upload image.

Images tab : The Images tab lists all the images currently uploaded to your book., click on an image name in the list and it will display a preview for you in the panel on the right. If this is the image you want to add to your chapter click Insert image.

Insert Images Tab

Upload images tab : If the image you want to insert is not visible in the Images tab then it still needs to be uploaded to Booki, it is time for the Upload images tab.

From here it is off to the Browse button, which opens the regular file browsing window for your system. Find the image you want and click on OK or Open taking you back to the Insert image tab. Once you are back you can see 2 settings for your image below the file location on your computer. The first setting is the Rights holder - Here you type in the name of the copyright holder. The second setting is the License -use a drop-box to choose the license for the image (note: Booki only allows content with a free license to be uploaded).

Upload Images tab

Below the license field is another Browse… button, clicking on this will let you upload a second image - each time you select a new image to upload, a new Browse… button appears at the bottom of the window allowing you to add another file to your upload list.

Once you have all the images ready to be uploaded (In the above example 2 images have been chosen for uploading), click on the Upload button. Booki uploads them from your computer and adds them to the available images list for you book. You can now insert the image you want into your chapter by selecting it from the list and clicking Insert image.