Booki User Guide

Creating a Book

Ok, lets get to it. Assuming you already created an account there are two ways to create a new book in Booki.

Once a you have created an account you can create a book from your My Books page. This is as simple as entering the title of the book in the field provided and then choosing the desired license from the drop down menu.

  1. Click on My Books in the Menu to go to your Books page.
  2. Under Create new book enter the title for your Book and then select the Licence for the book from the Drop-down list. For more info on licences and which ones to use when - see the chapter on Licensing.
  3. Once you press Create, the book will then be generated and listed on your My Books page as well as under the Books heading on your user page. The book has by default no chapters, sections, or content.

Note: If you try to create a book with the same title as a book that has already exists, Booki will add '-1' to the end of the title and try again, then if the new title also already exists it will try '-2'... '-3'... and so on, until it finds a title that has not yet been created.