Booki User Guide

Creating an Account

After arriving at Booki you will need to create a user account before beginning the creation and editing of books.

Account generation is simple:

  1. On the front page click on Sign in / Create Account at the top of the screen.
  2. Under Create Account add your desired USERNAME, E-MAIL, PASSWORD + CONFIRMATION and then your FULL NAME. Your full name is required for registration as it is used for copyright attribution on any works you create or contribute to.
  3. click Create Account.
  4. Booki will generate the account and display a Your account has been created message before redirecting you to your Profile Page.  Your user page is also accessed through My Profile on the menu.

Redirection from outside Booki

Organisations that have generated a group in Booki have the ability to redirect you to the Booki Create Account page from their website.  If the link for this link is set up properly you will also be added to their group automatically when you create your account.