Booki User Guide

Accessing Booki

Booki can be accessed in several ways depending on where it is installed.

There is an installation of Booki that anyone can use for any kind of book. This web site provides hosting for many groups and books and is found at

Your organisation can also install a copy of Booki on your own server. In this case access would be made through a url provided by your organisation. The default look and feel of Booki 1.0 (Alpha) looks like the following (remember Booki is highly customisable so this might not look like your installation of Booki if you have changed the templates):

Once you have arrived the home page, most functions can be accessed via the Menu down the left hand side of the window.

Lastly, you can also install Booki on your own computer. The location of your local copy of Booki can be best determined by reading the information on how to install Booki.